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Acorn Property Preservation

At Acorn Property Preservation, we are Certified Surveyors in Remedial Treatment (C.S.R.T) for damp and timber problems. Our Certified Qualifications are awarded by the Property Care Association in Cambridge, the largest trade body for damp proofing and the wood protection industry.

With our experience and knowledge, we can assist you in safeguarding your most valuable assets, and protect you from future costs resulting from excessive moisture, wood boring insects or wood rotting fungi that can attack the walls and timber within the building.

Refurbishing, Upgrading, Renovating or Extending You Property?

The current property market shows a significant rise in the sale of older properties in need of refurbishment and many property owners are borrowing to extend, renovate or upgrade their existing homes.

Costs of refurbishments of older homes, in particular, pre1960, are often underestimated because damp problems and timber defects are overlooked. In other cases, these costs are overestimated. For example a roof with a light infestation of Anobium punctuation (woodworm) being replaced with a new roof at a significant cost, whereas treatment of the existing roof would have been sufficient.

For most properties, especially older buildings, to ensure you have an accurate valuation of the property, Acorn Property Preservation provides an independent survey report with regard to damp and timber decay.

As a potential property buyer or seller, you need to consider the following:for-sale-sign-sold

  • Has a damp and timber survey been completed?
  • If issues are detected, has the property price been reduced by the amount needed to correct the issue?
  • If borrowing to buy the property, have you factored in the cost of repairing the damp/timber defects?
  • Could the cost of repairing damp/timber defects prevent the property being returned to a level where it is liveable?
  • If this is an investment property and the damp issues are not addressed, could it affect future rental income?

As a property owner, it is also important to know whether you have any damp or timber issues that may have a negative effect on the value and even the safety of your home or property.

Acorn Property Preservation is here to ensure your property is safeguarded against any nasty surprises. We are here to preserve buildings for generations to come.

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