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Condensation & Mould

Condensation is a common problem that occurs in all properties. Landlords and property owners seem to be fighting a constant battle with condensation and mould.

Condensation may go unnoticed until mould appears or rotting of materials occur. The three factors that cause condensation are:

  • Moisture level of the property
  • The temperature of the property
  • Surface temperature (when warm air meets cold glass or walls)

Condensation is at its worst during colder months as windows and doors are kept closed to keep the property warm. This allows water vapour to build up causing the formation of water droplets.

The Effects of Condensation

If condensation isn’t detected and treated it will lead to the development of mould. Mould grows on organic materials in the home and feeds off moisture. Mould often appears black, green or blue. Although it cannot feed on inorganic materials such as glass, plastic or metal we often see it growing on a layer of dust/dirt present on these surfaces. Mould spores are like seeds that, when released, can be carried to new locations by water or air. These spores can survive extreme conditions and are found everywhere.

Exposure to mould can provoke allergies. It has been known to cause asthma attacks or worsen chronic asthma. Other symptoms such as itchy and watery eyes, congestion, tightness of the chest and many more have been caused from mould inside the home.
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A much less common form of condensation occurs when the Dew Point is reached, not on the surface of a wall but within the structure of the building itself. This is known as interstitial condensation and can easily be mistaken for rising damp or penetrating damp.

Condensation is a real problem and where it persists it is recommended that a specialist surveyor like Acorn Property Preservation should be engaged to explore the cause of the problem and provide advice or propose solutions.

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Remedial Treatment

Acorn Property Preservation will provide a detailed survey report to specify remedial treatments and works to be carried out by our experienced team of technicians and tradespeople, or work in conjunction with your local trusted tradespeople.

Acorn Property Preservation’s work is carried out to the highest standards and a detailed quotation is provided prior to any work being undertaken.

Our service is professional, inexpensive and non-intrusive.

To Overcome Condensation

As most people’s daily activities take place indoors, the atmosphere inside buildings has a major impact on health and safety. With improved building features in our homes, such as cavity wall insulation, double glazing and draught proofing, ‘natural ventilation’ is prohibited. Stale air is trapped causing steaming windows, which ultimately leads to musty smells, dampness and mould growth.

These mould spores are known as allergens and become airborne at the slightest disturbance. The microscopic spores are then inhaled and can trigger respiratory problems such as asthma, dust allergies and hay fever.
Good ventilation controls how much moisture is lingering in the home. If the Relative Humidity of a building is maintained below 60%, it will prevent the development of mould.

Method 1 – The PIV Loft Mounted Unit

The PIV Loft Mounted Unit is a home ventilation and condensation control unit for homes with a loft space. The unit gently ventilates the home from a central position on the landing in a house or the central hallway in a bungalow to transform a stagnant and stale atmosphere into a fresh, healthy and condensation free environment.

Health Benefits

The PIV Loft Mounted Unit draws in fresh air into the dwelling from the outside and filters it before being delivered into the property. Moisture-laden air is diluted, displaced and replaced with clean, tempered and filtered air. This eliminates or reduces surface condensation, which causes mould growth, providing a significant improvement in the health of asthma sufferers and general indoor air quality.

No Need to Open Windows

To reduce humidity and condensation during the heating season, significant energy loss occurs by opening windows. By installing a PIV Loft Mounted Unit and providing fresh filtered air to the home humid air is displaced without opening windows and thus making significant savings to the occupier.

Low Life-Cycle Costs

With 5 years, on-going maintenance free warranties and superior long life filters, the unit achieves the lowest life-cycle costing. All repairs, maintenance and component replacement are carried out simply and quickly by exchanging the filters and consumable items. The worn-out components are then taken back to the factory to be recycled thus reducing the impact on landfill and saving millions of Euros in replacement costs.

Method 2 – Flexible Air Ventilator for Wall Mounting

A flexible air ventilator for wall mounting, designed to provide a continuous airflow into the building/house.

TL98F is supplied with condensation protection and standard filter. The vent has a variable precision damper for exact adjustment of the airflow (concealed underneath the front cover).

  • The distribution pattern is specially designed to distribute the air both upwards and sideways
  • Supplied with standard dust and insect filter
  • Front cover mounted on internal grille and includes condensation shield
  • Airflow magnitude and direction adjusted by way of front cover
  • Easy to clean
  • Telescopic pipe for flexibility
  • Range of storm and allergy filter accessories available

Method 3 – Extractor fans for wall or ceiling installations

Extractor fans for wall or ceiling installations, designed for constant volume continuously running operation with wired boost option, in utility rooms and bathrooms.

Features and Benefits:

  • High performance with incredible quiet running system
  • Improves indoor air quality and controls humidity levels
  • Low energy consumption
  • 5 speed setting
  • No user intervention required
  • Intelligent controls to keep condensation and mould at bay
  • Stylish design – Interchangeable front panel trims in four different colours
  • Ideal for WC, bathroom, kitchen and utility room ventilation
  • Can be installed in wall or ceiling